About our music

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We play a selection of tunes, both ancient and modern, Scottish, Irish, Canadian and American.

  • Funeral tunes (Amazing Grace, The Dark Isle, Going Home, etc)
  • Wedding tunes (Mairi's Wedding, Murdo's Wedding, etc)
  • Parade marches (High Road to Gairloch, Teribus, Green Hills of Tyrol, Scotland the Brave)
  • Formal tunes (Highland Cathedral, Suo Gan)

Learning to play the pipes

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If you'd like to learn to play the bagpipes, or if Highland drumming is more your style, we offer lessons.

Lessons are free with band membership, or we can help you arrange private lessons with a teacher in your area..

Beginning pipers will need a practice chanter and time to practice. Beginning drummers will need a practice pad, highland sticks and likewise, time to practice.